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passive house


Passive House is a standard for energy efficiency in a building, reducing its energy footprint. Construction results in ultra-low energy buildings that require little energy utilization for heating or cooling. Passive House design and construction can be applied to residential properties, office buildingsschools and other public buildings. And while currently it is mostly applied to new buildings, the concept can be applied to building retrofits where the cost savings from upgrading conventional heating systems can be used to fund the upgrade of the building envelope and the heat recovery ventilation system.

 Balanced Builders Inc. collaborates with architects to build passive homes and works closely with passive house consultants to retrofit existing structures. We also are designing prefabricated passive house panels and roof structures for new home construction. Prefabricated construction means a house can be constructed fully in our controlled shop environment, flat packed to your building site and assembled quickly, without the weather constrictions of current building methods.

 We construct highly efficient, sustainable homes for comfort and quality of living.


Net Zero

Lower energy costs

- Higher resale values

- Better sound insulation

- Environmentally sustainable

- Low carbon footprint



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